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Dissidents and Philanthropists

Deep truths as essential to life as oxygen from Bill Easterly in Dissidents and Philanthropists. Aid is often unwelcome and serves the colonialist-philanthropist-grantmaker's ideology and amore propre. Freedom is not only economic. Freedom also means "who decides for me" and for my family? Is it the carpet bagger? The Ford Foundation? Bill Gates? Superpacs? Who gets to decide what "Results" count in the metrics? Only what can be measured can be managed and the urge to manage, to be the manager, to be the boss is well, human, all too human. What kind of person is driven to measure and manage others?Ouch! Sorry, boss! Yes, M'am, a high capacity, high performing person, M'am. A hyperagent, M'am. Yes, M'am.I should have realized that my blog is monitored. I thought because I had not hit "post," my dissident note was still confidential and I could delete it without paying the price for insubordination. But, of course, Wealth Bondage uses keyloggers, in real time, to do dynamic management of human resources, to produce optimal Results. I had just committed a theft of services, my own brain cycles, which do belong to the Company, as I well know. My Immediate Supervisor had every right to ding the back of my head with her Harvard Class of 2011 Ring. If I keep my nose clean, I may yet rise to Morals Tutor First Class and have a flunky or two of my own. Then I will beat them, for their own good, and for my pleasure too, and that will be justice at last.