Invading Richistan for the Good of All
Nicholas Kristoff picks the best nonprofits

Am I an Unreliable Narrator of my Own Blog!!?

After my prior postof which I am justifiably proud, I was heading up in the elevator to The Tower to meet with my generous patron, she who rules us all. Invading Richistan, I knew she was going to tell me is not a viable option. On the way up, wondering how I was going to justify myself, and whether she would fire me on the spot, I met my colleague, Dr. Amrit Chadwallah, formerly the Assistant Wealth Bondage Professor in Charge of Hidden Meanings, but now the Senior Wealth Bondage Scholar of High Sounding Nonsense, with a specialization in Spiritual Autobiography. He is currently updating the boilerplate we use in creating Gospels of Wealth for our Ex-pat Clients in Richistan. Anyway, Chadwallah, trying to show how educated he is, says to me, "Phil, are you aware that you are an Unreliable Narrator of your own blog?" "No," Chadwallah, I say, "you educated imbecile, if I was aware of being an unreliable narrator, I would not be unaware, would I? I am completely aware of how unaware I am which is more than you can say." Later, it occured to me that all blogs have unreliable narrators, much like the newscasters in the Main Stream media. My being aware of all this does me no good whatsoever. I pleaded impenetrable ignorance to my boss, Candidia, and she beat me senseless anyway. So, as to invading Richistan, let me now say for the record, speaking in propria persona, as the Wealth Bondage Philanthropy Czar, that I was just joking.