US Wealth Inequality in an International Perspective
Market Street, The Road to Serfdom

Who is Calling Whom Insane here?

Long time friend, and reader of (among others) Dante, Tom Matrullo, writes apropos of a recent Gifthub post,

How much longer will USians indulge the polite fiction that the wealthy -- who seize the best assets of nature, of art, of time -- make it all good by sending accountants, lawyers and pony boys to tend the altars of philanthropy.

So, why, Tom, my Learned Fellow Colleague in the Dumpster of History, did John Dryden, Poet Laureate, and also an extrordinary satirist, write such Panegryrics as, Astraea Redux?

Oh Happy Age!

Oh times like those alone

By Fate reserv'd for Great Augustus Throne!

When the joint growth of Armes and Arts foreshew T

he World a Monarch, and that Monarch You

Did he actually believe that the licentious King Charles II was another Augustus, a demi-god returned from heaven? I am more of the opinion that even in those days a poet, indeed all scribblers, best served Justice by serving those who could offer social order, and preferment up some kind of Great Chain of Being, whether secular, ecclesiastical, military, or corporate. My problem is that having served our nation's Wealthiest with countless free and unsolicited no obligation or your money back Morals Tutorials, based on all the best models, from Antquity to the present, I have nothing more to show for it than the friendship of a few men and women driven as insane as I have been. Or maybe we, Tom, are sane and the press, Congress, Council on Foundations, and Philanthropy Round Table, just to name a few are morally insane? Come, come, Tom! We are as mad Lear's Fool without even a pony's hay to butter. Our very lives point the proper moral: Respect your Betters or Live Precariously!

"Does this so-called wisdom you teach, Sir, pay?,I am often asked by my Philanthropy Advisory Students. To which I truthfully answer, "Nay, it is the pearl of great price for which you must suffer greatly strewing it before swine." To which they respond incredulously, What swine? Soon fisticuffs follow and my training in that field is limited to bleeding.