Legacy Planning as Life Stage
The Philanthropist Going Upriver in Search of Ivory and Results

The Wealthy Give Modestly

Spend outrageously, give modestly, says my esteemed patron and personal role model, she who rules us all and rightly so. She says, Phil, Sweetie, this is a f...king Horation balance thing. Balance excess and modesty. Too much on the one hand and too little on the other. It is a happy f...king medium. On balance, I give and spend just right! To which I thought fit to respond, Yes, Mistress! As a Homme de Confiance and Morals Tutor to America's Highest Capacity Families, I have learned to err on the side of keeping my mouth shut, except to express platitudes, and selectively so at that. What I have learned on site visits to homeless shelters will keep me out of one, hopefully. (I was visiting a shelter recently with a $50 gift card to the Wealth Bondage Theme Park. My instructions were to bestow the card on a "deserving poor person." I recognized this for the test it really was and returned with the card. I could not find a deserving poor person. So, Candy, my patron, repossessed the card, tipped me 50 cents, and told me I was a good boy with a bright future ahead of me if I just minded my Ps and Qs and imitate her example in life. Remember to be virtuous and work hard!)