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What is Gifthub? A Review of the Scholarship

Menippean satire, can we, my fellow Scholars, excuse, explain, or even justify Gifthub as such?, so begins a long lecture by my colleague, Dr. Amrit Chadwallah, Senior Wealth Bondage Fellow in Charge of Interpetative Frameworks. I wanted to tell him that Wealth Bondage, our mutual employer, is the satiric frame, and he a minor character within it, and that Gifthub is only a CIA funded nonprofit front organization, to project Freedom across the globe, for Human Betterment, but it seemed unkind. Dr. Chadwallah takes himself so seriously. Generally, in this kind of literary work, we as characters may gradually rise to the author's and audience's level of understanding. Critics call that the "moment or recognition." In this case, who might be the author? God! That bodes well, it seems to me, for my own future self-understanding. Should it prove to be the Author Function who writes our words and thinks our thoughts, we are well and truly cooked for he is certifiably insane. Laughter, they say, is the best medicine, but he has been laughing like a  maniac for months and has not improved a bit. It started when Obama began talking about the 1%. Hope and Change Part II. As a Pinnochio puppet myself I wonder who pulls his strings. Must be God, at some level.