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The Moral Obligations of Wealth in a Gated Community

Why are the poor so poor? Because they have bad morals. Why are their morals so bad?  Because of liberals corrupting them.  It all goes back to smoking pot in the '60's. That is the message of Charles Murray’s “Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010, per Paul Krugman.

The narrative really needs to shift. What are the moral obligations of the rich, whether conservative or liberal? (“Who is my neighbor?” in a gated community.)

I find this is a live question that haunts many a wealthy person and family. 

I also find that our clergy are dead scared to address the issue in any way whatever. The feel even talking about money soils their purity, as if preaching about sheep and goats, vineyards, and fruit trees, a widow's mite, and one Roman coin, were applicable to stock, bonds, and hedgfunds.  

Why do clergy lack the courage to address the moral obligations of wealth? I would not recommend sermon, diatribe, anathema, or even exorcism, but can we create a mindful silence so that a still voice might be heard? The Holy Spirit cannot tolerate lies, particularly the lies power tells through its puppets to subordinate the poor. Why are we then daunted?