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The Agency Accelerator of Thrivable, Inc.

Jean Russell's new social venture, The Agency a Project of Thrivable, Inc. She has developed a unique voice:

The Agency at Thrivable offers a vigorous accelerator program. We’re here to catalyze innovative people creating the emerging transition to a more thrivable world. Shift is happening. We create it. We connect bridge builders to support them in bringing about transformation. We want our members to flourish so that their work can thrive during this time of tremendous flux and uncertainty.

"The Agency at Thrivable" sounds like an upscale community, maybe gated. A "vigorous accelerator" sounds like a venture capital incubator for entrepreneurs. But what is catalyzed and accelerated seems to be the members' own agency. "Thrivable" and "flourish" sound like Aristotle. "Transformation" is progressive philanthropic lingo. Jean is pioneering a new language for a new time, not all business, not all giving. Life coaching and venture consulting and community for a networked generation whose individual agency or identity is social; not mine and thine. Socap meets Tracy Gary. Thrivable, Inc. not org. Shift is happening, for the better.