Secular Religion as Market Breakthrough
Social Conservatives ignoring God's Poor? No, only in DC?

Surpreme Court Justices Convict themselves of Racketeering (not)

Our birthright now is lost - Juvenal

Maybe it is all the glue I sniff to get through the day in Wealth Bondage doing Donor Centered Philanthropic Planning for Hyperagents, the saved and the damned, but last night I had such a nightmare, so vivid! I dreamt I had been working for two Twin Brother Billionaires on an Action Plan for ruling the world. Somehow I was on trial with the Supreme Court Justices as co-defendants. We had been charged with racketeering. The case had worked itself up, conviction after conviction through the court system until we reached the Highest Court in the Land. The charges were something about Citizens United, payola, and the bag of swag (diamond necklaces, appointments to easy high paying jobs for family and friends, gold doubloons, a book of raffle tickets, a coupon for all you can eat pizza) I had dropped doing Catalytic Philanthropy on the backstairs of the courthouse. The crazy part was The Supreme Court found me and the Supremes guilty and sentenced us all to hang in the public square. Thank God it was only some crazy dream. They would never do that in real life.