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Occupy Has a Point, says Harvard Business School

Professor Bower at Harvard Business School:

The market system cannot work if its consequences are seen to be unfair, because its benefits are not distributed widely. That is what our business leaders said—and that seems to be what the protesters are saying as well. Rather than dismiss them for not being able to understand or provide solutions for the problems they identify, we might do better to worry about what the consequences might be if the real concerns they identify become the basis for populist political legislation. Defenders of capitalism need to get busy solving the problems the Wall Street occupiers have spotlighted.

It never ceases to appall me how the educated business mind confronts issues of justice. "Unless we placate the masses there might be more legislation." I mean what does fairness demand, Professor? And should corporate compliance be voluntary? Corporate free riders, Dr, who will make them do their fair share, if they prefer not to?