Interviews with Tom Tierney and Howard Stevenson
Social Justice, Peace and Harmony in Wealth Bondage Worldwide

Libido Dominandi

In the Earthly City we call Wealth Bondage or the Free Market, we are ruled by desire, slaves of our passions and preferences, and the brands we idolize. We call our slavery Freedom and send armies to conquer in its name. We are ruled by lust and by the lust of rule, embodied in the cubicle slave's job description, her peformance review, her bonus, the grants she makes, the metrics with which she renders grantees accountable. What is the MBA worldview but the lust of rule in the minutest details of life, measured and managed to good effect, as denominated in days and dollars? So Father Simon Brennan (our drunken ex-Priest) preached last night at our Weekly Black Sabbath in Wealth Bondage, roistering with the Supreme Court Justices, their wives and mistresses, the Superpac Funders, their Presidential Candidates and the Golden Boys and Golden Girls from Tanks where Thinking is done, at the behest of our Generous Patron, she who rules us all. Holy Communion was served as vodka shots sucked from the belly button of a lovely Celebrity, best known for her singing the national anthem on Superbowl Sunday, between the ads for Wealth Bondage products and services to make life better. I thought she did a good job, for someone who just laid (or lay? lied? layed?) there on the altar and moaned, better than Brennan, though she certainly cost more too. The evaluations reflected that sentiment. Next time, we start with Communion, and skip the Sermon. This is the heart of social enterprise—satisfying a customer with a product or service that they actually want.