Business Owners: The Prolific and the Devouring
Secular Religion as Market Breakthrough

In Defense of my Colleagues in Philanthropic Crime

I take exception to a certain innuendo, in a comment by one who goes by Curator, ashamed of his real name and his own dirty trade laundering filthy lucre into respectable philanthropies. He suggests that my colleagues in Wealth Bondage, Sister Lucy and Dr. Amrit Chadwallah, may be one and the same! Actually, to set the record straight, Sister Lucy and Father Simon Brennan (not Chadwallah) have long been rumored to be the illegtimate twins born to my Generous Patron and an itinerant minstrel, who went on to create a site to pirate folk music back into the commons, from whence it came, a crime for which he is now serving 50 years in solitary confinement. My generous patron, heartbreakingly to me, is the one who brought the suit. "Intellectual property," she said chortling, "trumps any personal feelings I might or might not have, to any particular person living or dead. Private property consists of what has been produced under copyright or which was seized from what had been unowned, and as such ripe for the picking." Chadwallah, teacher of English as Second Language, and the Rhetoric of Philanthropy,  is an illegal immigrant, serving at the suffrance of Candidia, finding hidden meanings where he can, though he finds them less and less often as the awful truth about Wealth Bondage becomes ever more overt and widely acceped now as the Newest Normal. (Loss of civil liberties due to 9/11, and an unending state of emergency, was the prior new normal). After Citizens United what else in Wealth Bondage is there left to hide? Well, maybe the Chinese money, the Iranian money, and the drug money in the Superpacs, but it is all money and as such Free Speech. Even drug lords,  foreign tyrants, and those who stripped Russia of its assets under a prior Freedom Initiative, deserve their say in the public square, or before the Supreme Court, or providing perks to the Supremes themselves or those the Justices love in or out of wedlock. It is all Wealth Bondage, after all, Freedom on the Cloven Hoof. Against it stand Father Brennan and Sister Lucy, up to a point, as do you, Curator. I am an honest man and so are you, if men we be. To suggest otherwise is malicious and verges on slander, and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, on up to the Supremes themselves, meeting in solemn session in black robes, upon a raised dais. Father Brennan even now as we speak is hearing confession in the Superpac Scene Room. Jesus! Shut the door. Even the maids and the hommes de confiance are not let in there while that unholy Scene is going on. Only Brennan, theSupremes, and the pony boys and pony girls that Candy is running for office. What happens in Wealth Bondage stays in Wealth Bondage. Congress, they call it for good reason.We are not going to run DNA paternity tests on our staff, generous patrons, and clients, any more than you would on yours, Curator. Wealth deserves some respect, no less than high office. Let us speak well of those who pay us, lest they find another procurer of the unspeakable joy (juissance) of giving.  

Footnote: By using the term, juissance, meaning orgasm, particularly during onanism, our author function signals to us over the head of the post's putative author (Phil Cubeta) and connects us to the living and eternal tradition of postmodern Parisian thought, primarily that Jacque Lacan, but also Jacque Derrida (note the significant doubling and redoubling of the first name!), a tradition of which I myself am the foremost living proponent, other than AKMA who is the real Sister Lucy.  - Signed, Dr. Amrit Chadawallah, Adjunct in Charge of Hidden Meaning, in Wealth Bondage.