The Moral Obligations of Wealth in a Gated Community
Helping the Rich Pass their Values on the Demoralized Masses

How will the Occupy Movement Judge Philanthropy?

An eloquent  post from Albert Ruesaga

The Arab Spring, the Occupy Movement, the class war predicted by George Soros.  These will not be kind to philanthropy.

I appreciate his points, and the Occupiers have my personal support as an individual, but as a salaried grant-maker, I do not make grants to serve the community, nor to serve my personal ideals, I make grants in service of Wealth Bondage Foundation, its Board, management, and Generous Patron. Insofar as Occupy would shake the frame of Wealth Bondage, I can only assume that it would be a Career Limiting Move (CLM) for me to fund these protesters.  So, Albert, how history judges philanthropy in general means a hell of a lot less to me than keeping my job in particular. I would advise you to reflect on that unless you happen to be independently wealthy.