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Business Owners: The Prolific and the Devouring

Ethical Business Owners as Prospects for Social Justice Philanthropy

More than 60% of GNP is in the hands of closely held firms. As the baby boom ages, these firms will change hands. The money can go to taxes, charity, or children. 49% of wealthy people say, per US Trust, that they have no interest in leaving a financial legacy to heirs. This means that properly planned, business owners will leave, or could leave, a massive amount of money to charity. They can give it at death or live it while alive. I believe that properly planned they will live their giving for the final third of their lives. Read this post in the light to the Mother Jones data on how American is becoming a Banana Republic without the Bananas or the Republic, but with fewer and fewer Constitutional protections from the kind of wealth that backed Pinochet and called it Freedom, dropping social justice advocates from the transport planes in chains. We can sleep through into the nightmare, leaving it for our children, or we can quietly plan for the Resurrection, in this world, in our lifetimes, and that of our children. Yes, my progressive friends, there are ethical closely held business owners. How to address them? With Interfaith Worker Justice we may find a way to convene and plan with them. <Insert prayer here. A prayer for peace and justice, and my not getting hurt. If that is too much, O Lord, give me long life, wealth, health, and personal comfort. Amen.>