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Are Think Tanks Forging Ideas?

Hudson Institute: A Half Century of Forging Ideas.... is asking, Are think tanks becoming too political? Where is the contemporary Hogarth who could depict The Intellectual's Progress? First, academics, then public policy, then politics, then the pillory, if only the world were just. Forging ideas? Where do they find people who can write that without self recognition or shame? Maybe we should all read The Counterfeiters by Andre Gide. So often I have been told by my think tank friends in Wealth Bondage, "I don't write nonsense to please my funder, I always wrote it ever since High School." Of course, how do they think a second rate mind got the job in the first place? I am no better. I provide morals tutoring for some of the wealthiest and most despicable families on the planet to help them pass on their family values for 100 years or more. I don't do it for the money either. Not one of my invoices have been paid in 30 years. Maybe I should stop offering a "morals improved or your money back guarantee." I have no one to blame but myself. I just drink all day to dull the pain. I can see if this keeps up I will be working in a Think Tank soon. Unless I shoot myself first.