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TB Diagnosed in Wealth Bondage Superpac Scene Room

A Mature Moral Advisory Practice: Case in Point

My Hyperagent client for whom I am The Trusted Advisor has a case pending before the Supreme Court, having to do with toxins his firm routinely releases into the water supply. At his behest I am giving each Supreme or a loved one a check for $1 million. He has attorneys, he says, but he believes in Free Speech, as the Supremes have defined it, as money. He says, "Just give them the money, and tell them I want my case heard." On balance not all accepted the bribe, but enough did that I can pretty well predict the outcome. I am just grateful that none asked me for sexual favors. I must be getting old. Back in the day, when I was young and good looking, it might have been otherwise. But now my practice in Wealth Bondage has matured. I am a Homme de Confiance, and proud of it.