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Schambra Demystifies Metrics

Bill Schambra takes on metrics.

But to win funding from a knowledge-generating foundation, the nonprofit must shoehorn its real-world work into the abstract, unfamiliar professional jargon to which data accumulators resort when they wish to generalize across (that is, to make disappear) the varieties of particular experiences.  

The ability of a nonprofit to attract funding from multiple sources is, of course, an essential ingredient for a successful grant request. So that means it must recast its programs into as many different languages and metric frameworks as the foundations from which it seeks funding.



Bill's native intelligence is an unfair debater's advantage. He does not defeat opponents, but humiliates, not through personal attack, but by demolishing their terms, and conceptual frameworks. In his own way he is a great Socratic professor manque. I laugh in recognition of the validity of his critique, then wonder what that means for my own convictions. Will I have to reconsider? I should hope not!