For God so Loved the 1%
Save the Panda; Screw the Poor

On Soros Prophesying Class War

Soros on the coming U.S. class war. He uses of financiers the word "evil," as one might of Eichman. One follows profits, the other followed orders. Both are innocent of evil intent, both did their high level jobs effectively and efficiently, one ended on the gallows. Given that Lucifer, greatest of the angels, haunts Wall Street as he haunted Imperial Rome, and came to haunt the Holy Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church, in the long gone days of pederasty, simony, and connivance with worldly power, my role as I see it as a Morals Tutor to my Superiors is to carry a sign, "Repent!" Outside Soros Foundation might be good. Yet the grantmakers stream past me, eyes unseeing. Only Father Brennan here in Wealth Bondage pays any attention, and some say he is CIA trained in the School of the Americas back when Freedom reigned and South American versions of Occupy were just getting started, before they Disappeared. I doubt that Father Brennan was personally involved, but I am unnerved by his facility with whips and the pleasure he takes in the iron cage. He probably learned flagellation in the Church. We are all penitants, eventually. As Michelangelo noted, "Hell is truth seen too late."