Tiger's Ex-Wife Bulldozes $12 Mansion
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NJ RAbbi Gets 5 Years for Money Laundering through Charities

Right idea, wrong methods, I guess. Wish he had consulted with me on how to do this right. Unless we do recirculate criminal money into licit activities, how could the world rock on? We can't bury all the dirty money in a pit. There are tens of trillions of it and more created daily. Money, like the perps in charge of criminal gangs or their governmental colleagues and enablers, should be redeemed. How better than through religious charities? Or through political donations (Free Speech), for that matter. Here at the Private Bank of Wealth Bondage, Father Brennan (our on staff defrocked priest and author of Your Money, Gods Blessing) and I work tirelessly to redeem corrupt wealth holders and launder their filthy lucre, but legally, through well ordered systems, and trusted intermediaries, under conditions of the utmost confidentiality, with all the legal and ethical t's crossed and i's dotted right on up to the Supreme Court, and their wives and mistresses on our payroll. The Rabbi rightly takes the fall for his incompetence. Don't let that happen to you. Call me! Our client list is a Who is Who of Wealth and Power. You will be in good standing in the best company of the best country in the whole wide world. Jesus forgives you your sins, and so do Fr. Brennan and I. Whatever you have done, he and I have done worse. Just bring the cash. We will do God's work together.