The Revolution is Love - The Logic of the Gift
On Soros Prophesying Class War

For God so Loved the 1%

The NYTimes recalls the history of conservative American political theology.  On the other hand I have heard Christian pastors suggest in private that a rich man or woman is damned, period.  Training 75 fundraisers yesterday for a Christian organization, I used a case study of a couple in their 80's with net worth of nearly $2 million, most of it in illiquid highly appreciated assets, who were having trouble paying their bills. The purpose of the case study was to teach Charitable Remainder Trusts and Gift Annuities as a solution. One woman in the front row, perhaps 65, with a long working life ahead of her, said, "But they are rich! They don't have any problems." The more experienced among us counseled her about major gift planning etiquette. "Be a nonanxious presence. The rich too have their burdens. Do not judge."