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Fact Check Moral Biograhies?

Whether journalists should fact check politicians or merely take dictation is an open question with The New York Times. More relevant to this blog is whether Moral Biographers to Wealthy Patrons should check facts, raise eyebrows, or squirm in their seats, when Hyperagents, upon advice of legal counsel or public relations counsel, or guided by their own intimations of immortality, provide a moral self portrait so idealized as to depart from Reality. I have always made it a policy to respect my patron's delusions, illusions,  and faults of omission and commission. "'What is Truth,' said jesting Pilate, and would not stay for an answer." I always ask myself, What would Dr. Keith and Dr. Paul, authors of Wealth and The Will of God do? They are no Fools; why should I be? My Defense of my practice as a Moral Biographer follows Sir Philip Sidney's, in his Defense of Poesy,  "Now for the poet, he nothing affirmeth, and therefore never lieth." I am a poet, like Dryden in his Panegyrics, patterned on those casting Roman Emperors, after the fall of the Republic, in the best light possible. A moral biography is understood to be a pleasing fiction, a rich man's folly. Besides, who is harmed by a Moral Biography? The readers are few; often only the Patron, or his Chief of Staff, or Legal Counsel reads it, for anything inadvertently damaging, and even then it is more often left to embelish the coffee table unread. It is not what the words say, true or false, that matter, most of it is boilerplate. It is the scent of the leather binding itself, and the sheen of the gilt edged pages, and quality of the photographs that make this Art.