"What's Wealth Got to Do with it?"
Whose Your Eternal Daddy, Jed Emerson?

When the Rich Secede

Rich enough, you can secede into communities not only gated but with a moat, or on an island, accessible only by private jet. You can have your own schools, your own banks, your own polo team, your own chefs, servants, dancing master, voice coach, life coach, police, bodyguards, private health care, private government, and private army. You can have your own ballet, opera, painters and poets. In Rome, the highest and the mightiest had Lucian, Juvenal, Martial, and Horace, much as they had a slave stand behind them in their triumphal chariot whispering, "Remember Caesar, you are mortal." In festivals like Lupercal, the richest changed roles with the poorest and ran naked through the streets, whipping each other, in goathish debauch, to purify the city and ensure fertility. May we see such times again, when to be a Fool was as honest a profession as lawyer or MBA is today. If we need a scapegoat, let us pick him or her by lot, rather than defaulting as usual to yours truly. Come Lupercal, let me whip you for a change.