On Receiving Wanted and Unwanted Charity
Breakaway Wealth

To My Social Justice Fundraising Friends on Raising Money from the Rich

The King of Thebes passed by Diogenes's Dumpster. Hearing a great clatter, he looked in. Diogenes was tossing human bones about. "What are you doing?," asked the King. "I am trying to sort your father's bones from mine," replied Diogenes, also known as "the mad Socrates."

Rich and poor, left and right, high and low, them and us, labor and management, plaintiff's bar and defense attorney, Republican and Democrat, 1% and 99%,  these are largely self serving distinctions via which we justify our identity and enforce our leadership. To polarize and hang in effigy is a proven political ploy. "We will save you from them!"

The basis for solidarity between rich and poor is written into every sacred text, our orginal Constitution (before we honored it more in the breach) and much of the classical tradition. We are all born in blood, as St. Augustine said, "between feces and urine." We are all carrion. Worms will eat us all. "Remember man that thou art dust and into dust thou shalt return."

The Pharisee kneeling said, "Thank you God for making me better than the 1%." That is sin, the sin of pride, and it afflicts all of us, rich and poor alike.We cannot be morally superior to all of the 1%, just because we are broke and stand in solidarity with our own kind? Let us model moral imagination, if we expect it from others. Begin by dealing with the beam in our own eye.