US Nudges out Imperial Rome in Wealth Inequality
Philanthropcapitalism: Point Counterpoint

Tipping Point Fund

Tracy's Gary's Tipping Point year end gift recommendations are out. Glad to see that Interfaith Worker Justice made the list.  Can we speak of a market in philanthropy? Let's not. Can we speak of a community of funders and nonprofits committed to social justice? No. What we can speak of are niches, covens, clavens, and cohorts, operating within their own bubbles. The tipping point will come when Tracy's tipping point orgs, her funders, Occupy Wall Street Protest Chaplains, and the COF initiative for Social Justice and Peace get in one room together and form as a movement. I have proposed that in various venues. Hunnnh? So we continue as fragments of a whole, scattered sparks, no blaze.

The real tipping point is this: David Koch won the 2011 $250,000 William Simon Prize for philanthropic leadership in support of, well, you know, the deregulated market based mess we are in. The $250,000 prize goes to the charity of the recipient's choice. I doubt Interfaith Worker Justice will make David Koch's short list. More likely it will be Citizens United or the like, in subversion of labor, environmental protection, and the people's sovereignty and in support of family dynasty, corporate hegemony, and ever more concentrated wealth.

Tracy too comes from a family dynasty. The difference is class, as in culture and the moral imperative to consider the well being of all. The connection with faith, with philosophers like John Rawls, and with the founding traditions of democracy, that is the social justice movement's greatest strength, an arch above and a foundation below, yet we remain fragments. Wiser are the children of darkness.