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On Receiving Wanted and Unwanted Charity

The Modern Courtier: The Morals of Tacitus Concerning Flattery

Via personal email a certain learned doctor suggests this ancient wisdom for those philanthopic advisors inculcating Discernment in their hyperagent clients. Without vision mere wealth and power are blind. With flattery all things are possible. Your Highness, the Occupiers have reached the Winter Palace! Only you can save CapitalismWhether flattery of the rich is for an advisor (a) immoral, (b) moral, unseemly, and self-serving, (c) a job responsbility, or (d) just good business I leave an open question until I have read and assimilated the Tacitus. As a pragmatist, or utilitartarian, I lean towards the view that whatever works is good enough, whether it be philanthropy, duress, the rule of law, revolution, or philanthropic advisement. A better world must be had by all, by whatever means necessary. With the resources available, and in the conditions under which we find ourselves, we must measure, build, and manage equity on behalf of.... That is the part where I get stuck, Sire. On behalf of your Vision, for The World We Want, Sire? Got it. I will issue a Proclamation to the People.