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US Nudges out Imperial Rome in Wealth Inequality

The Roman empire, apparently, was less unequal in its wealth distribution than is the US today. Both corporations and Roman legions would gain market share. Both would shift wealth back up the chain to the Emperor or CEO. Both would subordinate human resources (slaves or wage slaves) in hierarchies. But we do it slightly better already, and we just keep getting better at it. This is because we (we meaning Corporations) are Free and endowed by law with Immortal Life. To say otherwise would be an abuse of Free Speech (meaning corporate lobbying and corruption of the legislature).  A class action lawsuit by the people and for the people charging the Supreme Court with corruption is now pending before the Court. Early indications are that the Supremes will take the case and rule themselves innocent. As well they should. Their job requires that they listen to Free Speech carefully, to make good rulings, weighing the evidence carefully. It is probably not a good time to be complaining about injustice, as Congress and Obama ok using the military to jail without trial anyone an unnamed someone in high places suspects of terrorism, or other trouble making.  I am not sure what it all means but I am sure it would be best in the US as in a Fortune 100 Company or as in Rome under a tryant to speak well of those above us. "Freedom, so goes the song, "is just another name for nothing left to lose." I could still lose enough that smiling like a fool seems the best option. I mean probably Occupy is infilitrated with suspected terrorists, since high officials are so full of suspicion founded or unfounded. If my friends disappear, they must have been bad people, or suspected of it, which is the same thing in America now. Because we are Free. You say otherwise and off you go.

Prophetic Reflection on Occupy Wall Street

Rev. Dr. Leonard Lovett listened quietly at an Interfaith Worker Justice Board meeting recently in DC as the board, predominantly clergy, discussed Occupy Wall Street and social justice, particularly worker rights. He listened as we worked on a Letter to the 1%. The second morning, Dr. Lovett shared the attached reflection. His phrases have haunted me since, like a guilty conscience. "Hell," he quoted Michelangelo as saying, "is truth seen too late." He likened the prophetic voice to headlights on a car. "The headlights don't show you where to go. They show where the road is." He suggested that Occupy is the prophetic voice of our present. He associates that voice with Martin Luther King, his friend and colleague. And he cites MLK on fears of death. MLK understood the mortal risk, but had to concentrate on getting things said and done in his own treacherous present. Dr. Lovett spoke his reflection in deep and somber tones. It was a recollection, a remembrance, a proleptic dirge, no less than a call. This is an old, old agon. When our own moment of truth comes comes, what then?  To deny the truth is hell, to speak it death. Such are the powers and principalities with which we are contending, as with evil spirits, the domination system, the ethos of an age. I have attached Reverend Doctor Lovett's reflection with his permission.  Download Reflection.

White Paper on Mobile Technology for Giving

Via Philanthropy UK:

A white paper suggests that the use of mobile technology could revolutionise the way the arts are funded with more people becoming ‘philanthropists’. The increasing use of smartphones and social media channels provide a powerful platform to engage a wider range of donors, according to consultancy firm Panlogic’s paper entitled entitled We’re all philanthropists now.

An Open Letter to the 1% from Interfaith Worker Justice

Open Letter to the 1% from the Board of Interfaith Worker Justice. Then as if that were not insolent enough, IWJ is holding a prayer vigil for the 1%. I serve on this Board, as the scurrilous morals tutor among many reputable clerics. I tried and tried to explain as we drafted the letter that one does address our superiors in this disrespectful fashion, not if we expect gifts, or preferment. We pray for ourselves, that we might be reformed of our envy, rancor, and resentment, that we might learn patience in poverty, that we might rise to riches ourselves by the grace of God. To pray for the 1% seems a bit passive aggressive. Damn them! Damn their eyes!  Actually, we might do better with Solzhenitsyn's statement, "The line between good and evil is drawn through every human heart." As a drunken and aging prosititute, a morals coach with a chequered history and no satisfied client, I too am in bondage to wealth. There is little at this point I would not do for a dollar. I would sell out my brother, my sister, my father, my mother, even my country. So who am I to point a finger at Senators, the President, or a Supreme Court Justice? Colleagues all. My Fellow Americans, let pray!