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Prostesters Dress as Major Donors for Fundraiser with Mitt

South Tampa-Hyde Park Patch:

A Mitt Romney fundraiser held Wednesday at the Tampa Museum of Art was crashed by a group of protesters disguised as wealthy donors.

Meanwhile Global Corporations dressed as Persons, exercised their Free Speech by tossing Mitt's handlers laundy bags filled with cash. Asked about it later, one Corporate Spokesperson, formerly a Congressman, said, "We buy them all. Right, left, whatever. They all are wanting listen to our Free Speech. I mean all those dead Presidents are speaking to the Presidential candidates. This is America. Every market clears at a price. I was bought when I was in Congress and it never influenced me one bit. I listened carefully to all the evidence, from all the dead Presidents stacked on both sides of an issue, weighed the evidence carefully, and voted for whichever had the most weight."