On the Politics of Philanthrocapitalism
Sparsio in the House Wealth Bondage Built

Foundations Drifting Carelessly towards Social Justice

Bill Schambra touting small philanthropy and looking askance at the radicals at Gates Foundation.

But if the American people come to believe that their largest philanthropic enterprise has drifted carelessly and inadvertently into such a revolutionary undertaking, without subjecting its premises to constant self-criticism, then they may not be so complaisant about philanthropy's license.

Passionate, well-debated, response from Albert Ruesga here.

What I don't get is why big philanthropy has not embraced social justice, as in Occupy Wall Street? Drifting carelessly and inadvertently into social jsutice would do an aphorist like Oscar Wilde proud. I don't believe we can suggest Gates Foundation has done that, Bill. They love power in their own hands, as do your funders. Capitalists are safe with Philanthrocapitalists no less than with Hudson.