People, Planet, Profits, who Decides?
Elizabeth Warren Explains it Clearly

Will The Demands of The Occupation be Funded?

Make NYC a functioning focal point for other people’s assemblies to dissolve and overcome the shadow government of big banks and corporations that is embedded here. Now that we know what the occuppiers want, progess should be swift.

I was hoping that we would see Rockefeller Foundation Senior Staff among the signatories, as committed as they are to social justice. At least these People's Assemblies are not calling for the dissolution of the foundations embedded with the Fortune 500, the media,  and the 400 dynastic families who own half the nation's wealth and want the other half too.

Meanwhile, with a flashlight I am going about New York in broad daylight looking for the root causes of wealth disparities. Keep looking, my funders tell me. Let us know if you find anything! I say, No, Boss, I can't find a thing. Maybe there are no root causes! Maybe it's God or something, or Nature. Maybe it is like complicated beyond human comprehension. They say, Keep up the good work, Phil, and the expense checks keep on coming. It is a racket like anything else. They pretend to want social justice, I pretend to seek it. It is all harmless. They mean well and so do I.

Maybe, in return for my loyalty, and relying on my proven incompetence, my funders will get me appointed to a Blue Ribbon Commission to study the Occupier's demands. I could present my official findings as to the causes of injustice - nada. All I would need is Foundation letterhead and a wax seal. Or just the empty envelope. I could tell the Occupiers that the envelope had contained my findings and a large check to address the issues by redistributing 50% of the national wealth downwards, but the envelope opened somehow and I lost the contents.