Wealth Bondage is Putting America Back to Work
Sed Lex Dura Lex

The Occupation of Social Justice Philanthropy

Occupy Philanthropy at White Courtesy Telephone. Are we working on behalf of the .00001%, seeking the root causes of injustice, and failing to find them, or are we working on behalf of so many who have been relegated to the dumpster? That is a rhetorical question. We are in it for ourselves. Me too. I am waiting for the spin from the higher ups, then I will retail it here on my blog, pro bono publico. Injustice is bad enough, but injustice to me would be insufferable. The servant is worthy of his hire. If you can't afford James E. Highes to mentor your heirs in the manners and mores of dynastic privilege, try me. I may not be as good, but I am a lot cheaper.