A Fool's Career Path
Will The Demands of The Occupation be Funded?

People, Planet, Profits, who Decides?

I work with wealthy people, Fortune 100 Oligarchs, their lackies in the think tanks, and with the theorists of philanthropy. We are in agreement with Occupy Wall Street that business must serve people, planets and profit. We disagree only over who decides. In our view, we as profiteers, and we who serve the profiteers, decide how to prioritize our wealth versus yours, our gains versus planetary collapse. As we hold all the cards, we really view your unrest as quaint. What are you going to do? Starve out there in the streets? Do you think we give a crap? Your starving in the street is justice. Why should your life matter more than that of a starving beggar in Calcutta?  Now, I must be off to work on Catalytic Philanthropy to cure Malaria in the Sudan.