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Occupy Together: An Interfaith Prayer Service


National – Interfaith Worker Justice published a Prayer Service designed to help people reflect on a moral economy within the context of their religious tradition. Written for clergy and religious leaders, the prayer service is aimed for those Occupying Wall Street and other cities, and for congregational use.

Find it here. What is important about this is thatKim Bobo and IWJ are long term organizers of labor. Her niche is the intersection of faith, justice, and labor issues. Almost all on the Board are clerics (I am one of the few exceptions). What we have here is an established organizing network for faith, labor, and social justice, connecting to the rising networks of OWS. This is about intergenerational transfer/sharing of leadership, so it seems to me.

In related news, Pat Buchanan declares defeat. The strategy of turning blue collar values voters against the "hippies" has failed. At long last the battle lines are drawn between have and have not, rather than faith versus secular, or blue versus white collar, or retro versus metro, or red versus blue, or white versus black and brown, or hardworking Americans against "welfare queens," or meatspace versus cyberspace, or cool aganst uncool, or youth against age. The issue is who runs the country: 1% or the 99%. The wedge specialists will again seek cleavages to divide us, the 99%, so that they can retain and increase the power of the wealthy few. May we learn from the past, and stay aligned.

A Movement too Big to Jail

Chris Hedges:

Tinkering with the corporate state will not work. We will either be plunged into neo-feudalism and environmental catastrophe or we will wrest power from corporate hands. This radical message, one that demands a reversal of the corporate coup, is one the power elite, including the liberal class, is desperately trying to thwart. But the liberal class has no credibility left. It collaborated with corporate lobbyists to neglect the rights of tens of millions of Americans, as well as the innocents in our imperial wars. The best that liberals can do is sheepishly pretend this is what they wanted all along.


Holden Karnofsky + Peter Singer = Optimal Results for your Dollar

Entry point here. And here. Seems to be catching on at Oxford and the Ivies. A completely rational process. Give the most you can to the best charities you can to save the most lives you can. This, like globalism generally leads to dollars leaving the US to save lives where lives can be saved cheapest. As the lowest 20% of Americans plunge into deep poverty, the middle class disappears, and the top 1% rise to great wealth, it is consoling that the best educated will be saving lifes in foreign lands. Dickens satirized all this long ago, in Hard Times and elsewhere. Yet the Dream of Reason has us - else why did we go to the Ivies? The net is a flat world in which reason tells us that in Detroit they starve as in Calcutta, but a life is still marginally cheaper to save in Calcutta, so until the exchange rates change, we ought to save lives in Calcutta. That which was to be proven has been proven.

Youth Giving by the 1% on behalf of the 99%


The growing, now aching, gap between have and have nots (including what had once been the middle class) is not sustainable. The wealth will transfer by tax, theft, revolution, expropriation, or philanthropy, or it will continue to accumulate behind high walls and razor wire. One of the most hopeful signs are the youth with inherited wealth and privilge who have a social conscience, and are out about it. See this link, at Good, for a starting point.

Most of the work in high end family financial work begins with the concept of passing on the parent's values to the children. The future would be brighter if the parents learned from the kids. And in some cases that happens too, as Sharna Goldseker can attest.

Injustice sucks. We see that what had been called the Free Market was a ruse to remove obstructions to concentrated capital and to give Freedom to corporations deemed Persons for the purposes of Free Speech, deemed to include lobbying to corrupt the political process. We see it, old or young. some of us see it, and it will not continue unchallenged. As Wm Blake wrote during the American Revolution, "Those who will not defend the truth must be made to defend a lie." Think Tanks funded by wealthy interests, and paraded before the media as experts, do that routinely, but it is wearing thin. Intellectuals are fed up too with the betrayal of our country, of logic, of learning. 

My own feelings are different. I see both sides of it. Of my bread. One side is buttered the other not. So I do see the benefits of my generous patrons getting the upper hand and beating us with it. I enjoy it, many do. Injsutice: I like it, I love it, I want more of it! Wealth Bondage is based on it. Freedom never felt so good as when you grovel. What does William Schambra think about the new populism? Maybe we can get him to hold up a placard with his views on it vis a vis ever-escalating wealth inequality. In favor or not, Bill? Stand or kneel?

You Call me a Fucking 'Philanthropy Tyrant,' Asshole?

I am so fucking sick of these prissy little bitches  second guessing my goddamn philanthropy. First they told me I was selfish because I was worth $50 billion and gave nothing. Then when I gave a few dollars here and there, to fund a few pet projects, like the Wealth Bondage Charity Ball, they said I was low on the philanthropic learning curve, that I did spray and pray giving, that I lacked focus and strategy, that I am just a socialite giver. They said I should Give Smart to Get Results. I should Give Wise. I should Invest for Change. I should Make Giving Count. They said Grants should be Money Well Spent. They said I needed to find my fucking issue area and my charitable fucking passion. They said I need a theory of social change and a logic model. I get all that. They are talking about Managment by Objectives and fucking Results. You don't think I know how Wealth Bondage works, you morons? I am a Harvard MBA. I Invented the Whole Fucking Wealth Bondage Setup.

So, to be Strategic, and Get Results, I targetted high school education. Wealth Bondage suffers from lack of qualified drones in the US doing as they are told in subservient positions for short money and no benefits. My theory of change is beat the crap out of students, until they do as they are told, so they can be prepared for real life on the job. So, I give $1 billion cash money in suitcases right off the boat to the NYC school system to train future drones. I tell them to break the student's spirit, to drill them like animals or soldiers and to test their asses every day in every way until they learn to fucking obey. 

And now what do I now hear from the so-called philanthropy experts? Pissing and moaning about Billionnaire Philanthropists as Tyrants. How I should have consulted other fucking stakeholders, like parents. Like I give a shit about some inner city parents and their fucking opinions. What the fuck do you want from me? No good deed goes unpunished. Next time I am funding remedial education for philanthropic consultants. Hey, you dumbshits, yes, you with the fucking freshwater pearl necklace and the tight little smile, hear me! Rule one is kiss my boots! You want my money, you kiss my boots. Tell me how great I am. Tell me about my 100 Year Dynasty and my Fucking Four Kinds of Human Capitals. Tell me how the sun rises and sets in my ass, or, I will cut your toes and fingers off one by one and feed them to my pet piranha. You have the balls to walk in here and call me a fucking Philanthropy Tyrant? Try Goddess of the Free Fucking Market, asshole.

Guest post byCandidia Cruikshanks, CEO of Wealth Bondage, and Platinum Patron of Gifthub.

Towards A Certificate of Moral Excellence on the Honor System

People ask, "What do the 99% Want? What are their demands?"  I ask, "What does my boss want? What are her demands?" She told me, "More, all, I want it all. I demand Emergency Powers! I demand Freedom to do whatever the fuck I want, however I want, here or anywhere in the world! I demand impunity. I demand worship!" I feel that by mentoring her in morals I can best serve the 99%. 400 families control half the assets of the country. Think of the good I could do by uplifting those family's ethics by even a smidgen. By improving and preserving their self worth they can grow and pass down their net worth. Yet, my class on Dante remains emtpy. How can this be? I am going to read up on Families of Complicity and see if I can pitch my morals mentoring business better. Maybe I could do a Certification program. Three days of powerpoint, a short, self graded test on the honor system, and a certificate of moral excellence? It could deflect a lot of criticism of Wall Street. I am going to work on the honor pledge: "I the undersigned have neither given nor received help on this Morals Exam." That should do it. Strikes a healthy balance between personal integrity and market demands. We could rent those robo-signing machines now that the mortgage crisis is abating.