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Occupy Together: An Interfaith Prayer Service


National – Interfaith Worker Justice published a Prayer Service designed to help people reflect on a moral economy within the context of their religious tradition. Written for clergy and religious leaders, the prayer service is aimed for those Occupying Wall Street and other cities, and for congregational use.

Find it here. What is important about this is thatKim Bobo and IWJ are long term organizers of labor. Her niche is the intersection of faith, justice, and labor issues. Almost all on the Board are clerics (I am one of the few exceptions). What we have here is an established organizing network for faith, labor, and social justice, connecting to the rising networks of OWS. This is about intergenerational transfer/sharing of leadership, so it seems to me.

In related news, Pat Buchanan declares defeat. The strategy of turning blue collar values voters against the "hippies" has failed. At long last the battle lines are drawn between have and have not, rather than faith versus secular, or blue versus white collar, or retro versus metro, or red versus blue, or white versus black and brown, or hardworking Americans against "welfare queens," or meatspace versus cyberspace, or cool aganst uncool, or youth against age. The issue is who runs the country: 1% or the 99%. The wedge specialists will again seek cleavages to divide us, the 99%, so that they can retain and increase the power of the wealthy few. May we learn from the past, and stay aligned.