SOCAP, Zizek, and Redemption of our Bond
Wealth Inequality Endgame

Live Positively Through Better Brand Conversations



Live positively in Wealth Bondage through interactive story telling. We must move from insights to provocations to insure that the world is a better place for those in Wealth Bondage - as we all are and must be forever and ever, Amen. Data is the new soil,  marketing is the old manure, and the brand is Messiah.  Let's not just bs people, let us authentically converse and build emotional connections. We must exploit the ecosystem of relationships. The public is the body of the brand, united in the holy bubbling sacrament.  We must focus on the evolution of story telling from art and revelation to adverstising to from and within the body, psyche and soul. In this way the world will at last be redeemed. All will drink and be made whole again beyond confusion.