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SOCAP, Zizek, and Redemption of our Bond

Bob Ottenhoff at Guidestar:

I went to the SOCAP conference in San Francisco this year and left feeling a little uneasy.  While it’s exciting to think about new capital being generated for attacking social problems, most of the talk sounded as if using nonprofit vehicles as a way to attack long standing problems is no longer effective or what is needed.

Philanthropy 2.0, 3.0, etc. I wonder if we could back-rev to Jesus and 13 Apostles, one with silver at his feet. Results, inputs and outputs, investment - have we no other language of love, solidarity, redemption (I mean as in redeeming a bond or note, debt, or convertable stock, or stock option). Apparently Zizek in visiting Occupy Wall Street suggested that the holy spirit moved amidst the crowd. He also alluded to Wall Steet pagans worshiping false gods, like a bull, or something. Fidelity to the holy spirit - that is a theory of true social change, from a former Marxist politician. An investment worth making, costing not less than everything and returning maybe zero. The way of the cross - surely that is good business, rightly considered, not for each as frail bodies, but for all as human souls, or a species?

Solutions may involve business, but the language to frame what is needed must exceed the language of business as the language of adults exceeds that of young children.