My Escutcheon
The Freedom Fence

The Saving Remnant in the Street

Things we cannot discuss in a public place among strangers:

1. sex

2. politics/power

3. the holy

4. literature and other arts

The language of our society is money and markets, and brands, and spectacle.

We can withdraw into small communities and speak the fuller language of humanity and conviction. But when we congregate in the public space and raise our voice in the fuller language of communion, we are pariahs. Homo Sacer - both sacred and outcast. Again, those who say what we all see, and raise their voice near the Wall Street Bull, are pepper sprayed and jailed. They should have learned the code - white collar crime pays and is ruthless in preserving its priviliges. Pass bye in silence, if you want a clean police record, and a job now or some day. Do they know what they want? Do you?