Last Supper on Death Row
Forbes Richest 2011

Obama's Work For Almost Free Program

Check out the comments as well as the post. The simmering pot is beginning to whistle. I believe in the rule of law. Durax lex sed lex. The law is hard, but it is the law. To avoid disorder, even an unjust elected regime is preferable to an even more unjust one. And both are preferable to a state of emergency and martial law. As a morals tutor to America's wealthiest families, my main concern is the protection of property rights, per John Locke, whose Treatise, I studied dilegently at Oxford. Liberty is subordinate to ownership. My freedom to throw a stone stops where your windowpane begins. Our poorest citizens will do better as chattel. Owners take care of their property. A free trial for a slave, serf, indentured servant or entry level employee, seems only fair. Mine has lasted in the Big House of Wealth Bondage going on now 50 years. I still hope to be hired for a living wage by grandchildren, having faithfully served their parents and grandparents. Let us preach charity to the young, if we are to be the object of it. Preserving Dynastic Wealth is the highest criterion of success in my noble trade. As long as the Dynasts are a moral family, of course, and are concerned about the common weal. That is where I come in. "If your family had a crest," I ask, "what would be the motto?" Then I give the wording to my starving daughters who prick out the letters in Latin in needlepoint, for almost free. If the clients are at a loss for values, I give them cards. They can pick the values that are right for them. My escutcheon reads, "Always Civil" and shows three monkeys, representing the client advisory team, of morals tutor, attorney, and public relations agent. Now if I could only afford a blue blazer. Well, I can always attach it to my collar. Escutcheon on one side, owner's information on the other. Beg!