Systemic Corruption at the SEC?
Race and Class As Natural as Disaster

The Satirist Wore Tweed

Moral insanity in high places - to depict the normal as insane is insane and should be embraced and celebrated as such. For a young grifter on the way up it is hard to know whether to recommend business school, law school, a degree in finance, or a brothel as the best career preparation. Perhaps a major in Politics and a minor in Religion? The main thing is to have something to sell - your body, a product, your country, justice. Then you need logos, flags, religious symbols, a fine rating from a rating agency, a good business suit, clerical garb, or other costumes and props. The professor who taught me satire, years ago, said, "Sometimes nakedness is the best disguise." And I have done business stark naked ever since. I now realize what he meant by "sometimes." And why he himself wore tweed. He made it to 90, as did Diogenes. If I gave up the bum wine, I might make it to Christmas.