Rockefeller Foundation to Seek Root Causes of World Poverty
Jane Jacobs Where are You?

The Philosophical Grantmaker

What in fact should my goals be, and why?

Or, what are the principals that guide my choice of goals?

Or, what kind of person am I that these paltry goals are my measure?

Albert, a community foundation leader orginally trained in philosophy asks such questions  (on his blog under his own name, even). For most, though, the answer about goals is, effective and efficient strategies with measurable outcomes is the operative goal. Giving Smart gets results. Let's get results. We will then be smart." As the best salesperson I ever knew once said to me, "Phil, don't ask why there is air, just breathe." Maybe Albert should stop asking why the poor suffer so, and just get on with the grantmaking. The more we explore root causes the more complicit we realize we are, and the more demoralized and the less our smart grants seem sufficient expiation for our moral blindness. Better to choose goals by passion, prejudice or whimsy, and concentrate on the effectiveness of the means.