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Systemic Corruption at the SEC?

Is the SEC covering up Wall Street Crimes?, by Matt Taibbi. I asked Smokey Joe, our inhouse Legal Counsel here at Wealth Bondage, formerly with the SEC. He said, "Phil, this is America, what I did or did not do for Wealth Bondage while at the SEC is not criminal. I was never convicted, much less indicted. Allegations of graft are serious and require some evidence! All records of my work there have been shredded, per orders of my then boss, Jenny Diver, who is now Senior Vice President of Business Ethics in Wealth Bondage. My hands are clean. Washed clean. Her hands my hands. We wash them clean. You, Phil, might do better to get with the fricking program."

So, on behalf of the Rockefeller Foundation, my hunt for root causes continues undaunted. So far all I have are tiny shreds of paper from the Dumpster about behind the SEC.