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Knowing Your Place in America

"Progressive foundations should help raise class consciousness," says Albert Ruesga from behind the levees in New Orleans.

It's laughable that proposals to raise class consciousness in the United States, plus other calls to understand structural injustice, have often been greeted as attempts to incite “class warfare.”   To demand the elimination of collective bargaining rights or the weakening of the social safety net for the poor—these are not instances of class warfare, we are assured, but rather exercises in democracy.  If that’s the case, we should consider the raising of class consciousness in the United States as a kind of civics lesson.  In middle school we were taught the three branches of government. Unfortunately, summer vacation started before our instructors were able to tell us who it was that actually owned the government. 

"Liberals think you're stupid," say Hannity, Limbaugh, et. al. Progressive cite statistics. Populist conservatives speak directly to the gut. Watching the bodies floating below, the President peers from his airplane window. If that did not change class consciousness in America, what will?

Root Causes of Poverty and Unrest

To aid Rockefeller Foundation in reseaching root causes of poverty, here is Wild Woman on graduates without futures.

Have you heard about the protests in London and how they are spreading to the rest of England? Then you’ve probably heard about the riots in Egypt, in Spain, in Denmark, in Greece, in France, and other places too. What’s the deal? A whole bunch of people, graduates without a future, rising up? We could see them as thugs and violent anarchists, but what’s the greater context behind the protests?

Um, hello? The austerity measures that the EU is trying to put into place are basically helping millions of people fall off the poverty cliff, and I am not down with that.

Economic Hitman on Root Causes

The book. Shows what follows when debt is accepted for bailouts, economic development, etc. What follows is restructuring. "We are Broke" is a variant here. Deregulation, privatization, and kleptocracy are part of it. Nonperson status for those who resist, etc. Rule by oligarchs. Secret prisons. And silence. Lots of silences. I am staggered by how many emails I get from well connected people saying, "Don't want anyone to know I read you and I will never comment, but keep up the good work!" That is not enough. Say what you see, what you know, and, to protect your career, income, employer, family, do it under the mask of an insane person, as I do. Make people laugh. Life is a cabaret. You know evil on a first name basis; me too. We all have a mirror. Now, on with the show!

Shock Corridor

Shock corridor
"We poets in our youth begin in gladness
Thereof comes in the end despondency and madness"

So Wordsworth said, and I have learned to my own cost, though the doctor says it was the drugs and alcohol and an operation gone dreadfully wrong. I never was a poet, but now I am anything I want. As for Chatterton, referenced above by Wordsworth, he was not mad but a fraud like me and my clients. Honestly, I think that is what drove me mad. Having to pretend all the time that I and they are morally sane. It would drive anyone mad. Even you.

The Subterannean Conversation of Philanthropy

My Dearest Countess,

The subterranean conversation of philanthropy seems so much more interesting than the official one. Philanthropy in Masquerade. Albert has a great deal of courage to present himself as the author function behind the voices on his site. My own author function once did this invisibly, under the characters at Wealth Bondage, a corporate owned blacked out prison site for nonpersons (which now no longer exits, per the sub rosa CIA policy on the matter), but the conventions on the net changed, and it is now considered bad form to blog from behind a veil. We must be authentic and accountable to the fictions to which we devote our working lives, lest we disturb the real personages who pull our strings, we characters in a play not of our making and beyond our comprehension.

The Dionysian elements of satire lend themselves to masked festivals, and crowd scenes at night where identities disappear in a sea of roistering humanity. First Carnival, then Lent. And come daylight there we are in church saying our prayers at the altar where last night Wealth copulated with Virtue.

As fashion consultant to the Tsar and now to Hedge Fund Managers, Social Venturers, Shared Value Creators, and Triple Bottom Line Opportunists, as well as to the staid old purveyors of High Minded Deference to Wealth and Power, what do you advise me on my nakedness? It worked for Diogenes in his barrel, but he is said to have been as beautiful even in old age as a Greek God. I - so I am told by those whose opinions and taste I trust - am grotesque. Perhaps, you could lend me a fig leaf, a thong, a tiara? I am interviewing for a job as Senior Program Officer at Rockefeller Foundation where I would be in charge of Saving Capitalism by Aligning it with the Ancient Virtues from which it Springs. My role is to find the root causes of economic injustice and tactfully draw the veil lest the general public get upset here in America as in London, Greece, and the Middle East.

Yours in the struggle to save capitalism,

Phil Cubeta

The Voice of Reason

Naming and Claiming Board Level Systemic Injustice - My Grant Request is Still Pending with Rockefeller Foundation

What is the root cause of my being rich and your being poor? I am beautiful, capable, well connected, and I am a fucking Harvard MBA. You, little man, are ugly, stupid, isolated in your little dream world, and a fucking English major. Tell me again about your dissertation? On what? "The Influence of Rabelais on Sterne"? Gawd that cracks me up. You actually read that crap? And you wonder why you are broke in your old age? - Mistress Candidia, Chairman of Wealth Bondage Worldwide in response to my personal request for clarification, on behalf of the Rockefeller Foundation who are seeking the root causes of poverty.

Now we move on to a theory of social change. Here is Candy's wisdom.  How do we eliminate the root causes, you ask me that? You get a fucking brain, moron, do as you're told, and work your way up from the Dumpster to the mailroom. I would have someone from the third world deliver my mail but I like the personal service, Phil. The way you cringe, and the big words you use. Gawd it is satisfying to see you suffer. So she told me, and so I will relate to Rockefellers. They said I would get a penny if they used my data, but no word on that yet.

My grant request to eliminate Wealth Bondage root and branch, and redistribute wealth and power to the people is also still pending. Probably best because if I got the grant, I would have to show results. On curing the root causes, you can be sure I would be shot long before anything changed. I am just glad that it isn't worse. I am learning how to go through the motions seeking what is right before my nose, and not finding it after running my head against it over and over. Maybe I can be a program officer some day. I might not cure injustice but, as an experienced Serving Professional, I could keep the board happy. That is one job where being too dumb to know what is going on, or too smart to name it, and writing well might work to my advantage. I would probably have to wear clothes, though. Totally different in that way from my day job trolling for Judges outside the Supreme Court. It all comes down to service. You give people what they want and you can do ok in life.