Race and Class As Natural as Disaster
Golub responds to Buffet

Jumo and Good Merge

Jumo (nonprofit) + Good (forprofit =?

A triumphalist business perspective from Antony Bugg-Levine, a managing director of the Rockefeller Foundation, the board chair of the Global Impact Investing Network, and co-author of Impact Investing (Wiley, 2011). The Rockefeller Foundation provided funding to Jumo.

When one worldview contains all others, we have what? I was taught to call it ideology, or hegemony, or metaphysics, but it's real name I now realize is Wealth Bondage, a giddy whirl of money, power, and rhetoric - a blended value proposition that has no outside, no contrasting term, only an increasingly claustrophobic inside. Well, back to my cubicle. With any luck Gifthub will soon get a Rockefeller grant to find the root causes of social injustice. Please, Sir, Antony Bugg-Levine, may I have some porridge? If I were not so hungry, Sir, I could better defend the triumph of business methods, and your contribution in particular. You and other fine McKinsesy minds are the root cause of Goodness! I know that sounds feeble, but it has been days since I have eaten.