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Mandatory Drug Tests for Drug Dealers

Shared value creation, business ethics, and triple bottom lines in Mexican Drug Cartel:
Federal police said they seized copies of the cartel's "code of conduct" booklet during an arrest of cartel members in the western state of Michoacan last week, but refused to release its contents Tuesday, saying they didn't want fan the flames of the quasi-religious movement. But a copy of the 22-page "The Code of the Knights Templar of Michoacan," illustrated with knights on horseback bearing lances and crosses, was obtained by The Associated Press this week. It says the group "will begin a challenging ideological battle to defend the values of a society based on ethics."
The booklet says that drug gang members are prohibited from using drugs and that they will be tested for drugs regularly. This is a good rule for an organization devoted to doing well by doing good, effectively and efficiently. We don't want the employees dipping into the product and the profits. The rule of law? Check out Wall St. Maybe I have finally found a lucrative niche for my morals tutoring business. The mob has attorneys, bankers, and politicians on the payroll, why not a morals tutor to South America's wealthiest families? Might have to give up banned substances, though. At least the week of the Cartel's drug test. Bum wine is still ok.