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A Working Class take on the Triple Bottom Line of the Pharisees

And the Pharisee, wishing to justify himself, his rank, and salary, said unto the working class street teacher, "God/Man, so-called, what must I do to be saved?"

God/Man said, "You must observe the triple bottom line."

And the Pharisee, wishing to show his superior education and to test God/Man, said, "What is the triple bottom line of which you speak?"

God/Man replied, "Faith, hope, and charity, and the greatest of these is charity."

And the Pharisee, who had a law degree, said, "Define, charity."

God/Man replied, "Love your neighbor as God loves you."

And the Pharisee, who also had an MBA, and had read Adam Smith, and had Ayn Rand on his bedside table said, "And who is my neighbor if I may ask ?"

And the carpenter said, "There was this alien, an unemployed laborer, who was swimming across the Rio Grande when he was set upon by vigilantees...."