Mandatory Drug Tests for Drug Dealers
Pentagon Sees Social Media as New Battleground

A Measured Defense of Strategic Philanthropy

Strategic philanthropy is a measured success. It has done immeasurable harm, but that is partially offset by small gains in what can be measured. On balance we are better off with uncultured barbarians imposing their methods on all sectors.

I am trying to write a contemporary defense of logical positivism, as applied to the social sector, in the hope of revitalizing my downard spiralling career. I am finding, though, that I pass out drunk before I can construct a convincing argument. Sober I just sit and stare at the blank screen in despair. We measure every student every year and now our society is run by people who have no moral or political tradition beyond pragmatism and expediency. They have been measured and managed for compliance with authority, now they assert it and call it leadership. It is only 10:20 am. Too early to drink. Maybe I will try meditation.