Giving in which USA?
Philanthropy as the Dextrous Handmaiden of Capitalism

Sustaining Mother Capitalism

The true purpose of private grant-making foundations is to sustain and advance the very system of democratic capitalism that gave birth to them. So says an article in Forbes, The Capitalist Tool. On a related note, I just now gave a presentation on major gift fundraising to representatives from workers centers. Afterward, an attendee introduced himself, said he was an undocumented worker in charge of major gifts for his worker center in TX. Did I have any advice? I said, "Ask the wealthy what you can do for them." In other words, as in the Forbes article, advance and sustain the narcissism of wealth. Hear the travails of the wealthy, before talking about your own petty problems. It is not that easy being rich. My friend from the worker center thanked me and asked if he could call me if he ran into any walls.