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Peter Karoff on The Poetry and Practice of Philanthropy

The Science of Success in All Walks of Life

The biggest problems in society have occurred in those areas thought to be best controlled in common: the atmosphere, bodies of water, air, streets, the body politic and human virtue. They all reflect aspects of the “tragedy of the commons” and function much better when methods are devised to give them characteristics of private property. - From the Science of Success, by Charles Koch

Koch Scholars, Koch alleged connection to FreedomWorks, FreedomWorks and Dick Army helping Rick Perry install market logic on TX College Campuses. Breaking unions, breaking tenure, reducing taxes, reducing regulation. Destroying, spoiling or privatizing public goods. For such large scale social change we have Catalytic Philanthropy or Do More than Give. The "more" may or could involve funding a Teaparty, use of business interests to gain concentrated wealth, funding of public policy think tanks, funding media, funding the revocation of restrictions on political lobbying by corporations, and the use of political contributions to elect or influence the judicial branch. I call it Machiavellian War by Other Means with Philanthropy as but one of many ways to bring democracy to heel. The contrast might be with what H. Peter Karoff calls, the moral dimension of philanthropy. Peter, I think, is a bit appalled at how his views, from a decade ago, on "strategic philanthropy" have taken on a life of their own in the hands of MBAs and business types who have a compass but one that may not be particularly moral, if by moral you mean social justice, as opposed to a dog eat dog fee market for us and collusion for those who run it. I do not yet see in organized philanthropy the will to fight this. C.f., The Working Group for Social Justice and Peace - with the emphasis on the little white flag of surrender. The grantmakers work for boards populated with those who are well positioned to do well by doing good in our emerging oligarchy.

Justice, Education, Business, Media, Government, Human Virtue all will work much better when the Science of Philanthropy has succeeded in giving them the attributes of private property. So my boss, and owner, she who rules us all,  tells me. There is no 'outside' of Wealth Bondage. Organized philanthropy, Sweetie, is  the Handmaiden of Wealth Bondage. Don't cry, for the phantoms of lost liberty, it is just how things are now. I know that is hard for you to accept, Honey, but this is Management Science. No one cares what a slave thinks. You are just property, Honey. Kiss my boots, and thank me for your instruction.