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Richard Cornuelle Meet Charles Koch

Excellent and thoughtful article by Bill Schambra on the recently deceased Rchard Cornuelle, a libertarian thinker and activist who coined the phrase, "independent sector."

Mr. Cornuelle maintained that we had all but forgotten this vast array of voluntary civic associations—an “important third force” which he termed “the independent sector”—in our growing reliance on government-financed, centrally administered, professionally delivered social services. 

But he insisted that the human “desire to serve” was just as primal and powerful as the yearning for political power or material gain, and once unleashed, it could re-energize our voluntary associations and address our problems without oppressive bureaucracies.

Compare the subtlety and depth of those observations with this from from the libertarian philanthropist and influencer of all things, Charles Koch.

The biggest problems in society have occurred in those areas thought to be best controlled in common: the atmosphere, bodies of water, air, streets, the body politic and human virtue. They all reflect aspects of the “tragedy of the commons” and function much better when methods are devised to give them characteristics of private property. - From the Science of Success, by Charles Koch

Human virtue and the body politic will function much better when methods are devised to give them the characteristics of private property? In other words when bought and sold? Like Judges, Bishops, and Politicians in the Wealth Bondage Scene Rooms? Bill Schambra, my man! With a PhD in Politics, stand up and teach!  Charles needs a tutorial, an emergency tutorial lest he bring the entire movement of which you are a part into disrepute. Your tutelage in the ABCs of the public interest might win you a big grant to pursue the meaning of the Independent Sector,  construed as private property.