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Peter Karoff on The Poetry and Practice of Philanthropy

The highpoint for me of this year's Advisors in Philanthropy Conference was the keynote by H. Peter Karoff, "Reflections on Two Decades of The Practice of Poetry and Philanthropy."  

This talk is about integrity, and accountability, and the translation of what you know, and who you are, into your work in philanthropy.

The context is a wrap around the two plus decades of the TPI experience as a philanthropic advisor.

In the talk, he repeats a phrase he used as a young man writing a letter to the editor on the death of JFK - untouched capacity. Peter challengesus as citizens, donors, and advisors to actualize that untouched capacity in ourselves, our donors and clients, and in our polity. As advisors listen to donors, some with the capacity to change the world - for the better or for the worse - who is accountable to whom for what?

Download AiP Presentation - April 2011 (Provided here with Peter's permission.)