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In the God We Trust

Had a good conversation today with Gary Shunk, a psychotherapist, and former divinity student, who now works with wealthy families in what could be called family wealth counselling. To do this work well as the world regards it is the work of the Lord whose name is Mammon. To do it foolishly is the way of the pariah the commemoration of whose sacrifice makes bright our Sunday morning. The healer sets up shop inside the Bank of Wealth Bondage to help client families get unstuck in the Wealth Bondage Legacy Planning Process. The defrocked priest has a chapel inside the Bank with a portable altar, like those used by the Padre in a front line unit. "Dear Lord, we ask thy blessing upon the work of Freedom." We talk of financial capacity and moral compass; we invoke the great books, Buddhism, Christianity, the Torah, and we had better pray that the Holy Spirit has no ear for our language. When the spirit speaks it will sound like this, "So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth..." Gary is among those who have pondered such issues, and among those who wonder how this work can be done well - where is there a fit space for conversations that go deeper?