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The War of the Few on the Many

Another New Gift Planning Concept

Goal Line Philanthropy:

We educate supporters and non-profits that there is a better way than the traditional 2 fundamental thoughts of giving…part with your assets now or part with your assets at death. By utilizing our strategy you and your donors will win in the process.

  • Provides immediate money to the charity or university (no bequests or pledges)
  • Returns all the money used in the process back to their family,
  • Gives them a guaranteed rate of return on their assets,
  • Generates a gift at no net cost to the charitable supporter (unlike traditional planned giving, i.e. Charitable Remainder Trusts, Gift Annuity, etc.)
    We specialize in assisting non-profits with capital campaigns to major construction campaigns to the smallest annual fund. Our ability to work with the largest of Universities to the smallest of Community Foundations allows all of our clients to generate gifts easier than ever.

Heard a presentation on this today. Given the patent pending, etc., I probably should not reveal the concept. I would guess that if you as a nonprofit have not been approached, you will be over the next few years.